Reviews, essays, opinion, interviews, reportage.

Townhouse Gallery’s Main Cairo Space Escapes the Wrecking Ball for Hyperallergic, April 2016

“Erase and I will draw again”: the struggle behind Cairo’s revolutionary graffiti wall for Guardian Cities, March 2016

Interview with Asunción Molinos Gordo for BECAUSE Magazine, Feb 2016

A Worthy Degenerate at Townhouse Gallery review for Mada Masr, December 2015

CLUSTER Re-frames Downtown Cairo’s Creative Landscape for Cairobserver, November 2015

On George Awde’s Fragile States November 2015

The Knife-Sharpener’s Wheel review for Mada Masr of “Mere Real Things” solo exhibition of Ayman Ramadan at Townhouse West, Cairo, October 2015

P.S. Essay in the form of a postscript to Alex Reynold’s publication But They Are Not You, for Biel books July 2015.

Circumnavigation written for Cimatheque in response to four films selected by Rana ElNemr, June 2015.

Impossible Products of the Compound, review of Malak Helmy solo exhibition at Sharjah Art Gallery, AUC, for Afterall Online, July 2014

Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival  festival review for Frieze, July 2014

Whose Urban Vision? review of D-CAF’s public dance programme for Mada Masr, May 2014

Broad and Challenging: Performing Arts at D-CAF review of D-CAF’s performance programme for Mada Masr, April 2014

Microphone, Ahmad Abdalla’s 2010 film, reviewed for Mada Masr’s ‘Egypt’s Cinematic Gems’ series, March 2014.

The Real Reason Egypt Is Obsessed With Putting Its Military Leader On Everything
– ‘
Sisimania’ reportage for Mic.com, February 2014.

Desire, Deceit and Difficult Deliveries review of Doa Aly’s solo exhibition at Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, published in ContemporaryAnd January 2014

Then, Now, and Roznama 2 – review of Roznama 2 at Medrar, Cairo, for Mada Masr December 2013

Notes on the Magic of the State, book review for Flash Art, December 2013

Ugly Feelings at Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, review for Mada Masr November 2013

Fragmentary Fiction and Cryptic Objects – short focus on Iman Issa’s recent work for frieze issue 160, November 2013

On The Social Contract by A Constructed World – a short piece for Spring Workshop, November 2013. The pdf download can be found on this page.

Interview with Lina Attalah, Managing Editor of Mada Masr, for ArtTerritories, October 2013

A Lick of PaintOpinion piece for Mada Masr on the political undertones of the cleanup of Cairo, October 2013

Joyous Liberatory Leaps Into The Ridiculous – revolutionary art anxiety between 2011 and 2013.

The Magic of the State at Beirut, Cairo, review for Masquerade June 2013

The Magic of the State at Beirut, Cairo, review for frieze May 2013

In the Freezone and out of the Comfort Zone – review of Global Art Forum 7 at Art Dubai; self-published.

What Are You Doing, Drawing? at Nile Sunset Annex, Cairo, review for Contemporary And March 2013

Getting the Institutional Hiccups – blog post on Cairo’s emerging spaces for Turn On Art, March 2013

Dogs Devouring Horses – catalogue essay discussing four works by Runa Islam for the exhibition Hamle/The Move curated by Başak Senova at Arter, Istanbul, October 2012.

Notes on Rana ElNemr’s Giza Threads – Short text discussing the exhibition at Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, April 2012

Material  Iman Issa at Rodeo Gallery, Istanbul, review for issue 143 Frieze November 2011

Curator with a capital C or Dilettante with a small dA response to Greenhouse Tomatoes and Outdoor Tomatoes by Maria Lind in the Attitudes section of The Exhibitionist issue 3; published in issue 4, May 2011.

Remembering Ahmed Bassiouny, the first annual Egyptian Independent Artist Music and Film Festival, review for Al Masry Al-Youm English April 2011

On Doa Aly’s A Tress of Hair Short essay commissioned for Indicated by Signs eds hamzamolnar, as part of the collective curatorial project of the same name, September 2010.

Stand, I Don’t – an interview with Charles Esche. Conducted by de Appel Curatorial Programme 2008/2009 and published in Curating and the Educational Turn, Eds Paul O’Neill and Mick Wilson, March 2010.

And also, what of the sheet? On Frances Stark. Essay commissioned for catalogue accompanying But what of Frances Stark, standing by itself, a naked name, bare as a ghost to whom one would like to lend a sheet?, solo exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary. Published Nottingham Contemporary November 2009.

Node.London Reader IIDocumenting the second Node.London season of media arts in 2008. Edited by Anna Colin, co-edited by Jonas Andersson, Adnan Hadzi, and me. Mute publishing 2009

Polished-up notes for a panel discussion at Women and the Archive: A Partial Disclosure March 2009, organised by Anna Colin at the Women’s Library as part of Whitechapel Gallery’s ongoing programme The Street.

Matthew Noel-Tod’s Blind Carbon Copy at Picture This, review in issue 121 Frieze March 2009

Get down with the let down published Jan 2009 Concept Store

On Hamra Abbas’ ‘MoMA is the Star’ catalogue text for exhibition at Green Cardamom Nov-Dec 2008

My life is hanging by a thread – on Zeeshan Muhammad’s ‘Dying Miniature’ Catalogue text for exhibition at Green Cardamom Nov 08-Dec 09

Soi Project’s Island at Ikon East Side, review for issue 115 Frieze September 2008

Interview About Disclosures published April 2008 on undo.net. Responded to with Anna Colin.

Fusion Now! at Rokeby review for issue 113 Frieze March 2008

Breda Beban in conversation with Mia Jankowicz issue 45 Untitled June 2008

Seduced at the Barbican review for issue 44 Untitled March 2008

Panic Attack! at the Barbican review for issue 110 Frieze October 2007

Take Care of Yourself – Sophie Calle’s French Pavilion at Venice Biennial 2007. Text submitted for Frieze Writers’ Prize 2007.


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