Sarah Samy at Nile Sunset Annex

I am involved in this exhibition opening tomorrow night at Nile Sunset Annex
التبلور في شكل
أو التبخر إلي ذكريات

                                                 الـ “كاللو” في رجلي من المشي علي الـ #أرض قرب يختفي

                   في أعلي قمة الليل
                   هؤلاء الحمقي المتوحشين
                   ينزلقون علي الأهلّة

                                                                                          بيضتا طائر طنان انحشرتا في حلوق
                                                                                          ألسنتهم في 
                                                                                          طوارئٍ لغوية 

         أجزاء مولدات الغاز الجديدة مُصنّعة من
         المسح الضوئي
         لا يوجد سوي همهمات بعيدة

to crystallize into form or to
evaporate into memories

the calluses on my feet from walking on #Earth are almost gone

all the way up, to the top of the night
those feral fools’re sliding down crescent moons

two hummingbird eggs got stuck in our

their tongues
into an emergency of languages

new gas generator parts are fabricated
from the scans

there’s just a distant hum

Nile Sunset Annex invites you to the opening of a solo exhibition by Sarah Samy at 7pm on Saturday 13 September, which will also see the launch of the publication for our previous show, Museumish, with Mariam Elias, Paradoxia, Sobhy Guirguis and Wadiaa Shenouda. For the preparation and duration of Sarah Samy’s exhibition, Nile Sunset Annex includes Mia Jankowicz. Nile Sunset Annex would like to thank Jens Maier-Rothe for helping to make this exhibition possible. Bring your own drinks. Exhibition open until October 11, Saturday 12-6pm or by appointment.


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