On Wael Shawky’s ‘Al Araba Al Madfuna’

Still from ‘Al Araba Al Madfuna’ by Wael Shawky, film, 2012

This is a review for Mada Masr of the event at Beirut where Wael Shawky presented his new film Al Araba Al Madfuna and a beautiful monograph on his work in general.

[‘Al Araba Al Madfuna’] opens with moody shots of the rural Nile, reminiscent of nostalgic sepia postcards, before cutting to a firelit chamber. A number of small boys, clad in galabiyas and moustaches, file solemnly into the room, and begin telling a story that is dubbed over in grown men’s voices. Each one mimes, in classical Arabic, a part in the story “The J-B-Rs” by the late Egyptian author Mohamed Mustagab. Read more over at Mada Masr. 


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